Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Entirely Entertaining

Tabiatha gets all the credit for the victory today, but she was gracious enough to design in the name of our flower business ( Watch for pictures in The Tennessean and InFocus magazine. Pompon won the "most creative" category today at the benefit luncheon held at Belle Meade Plantation.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The boys' first-ever concert

We took the boys to Vandy's Rites of Spring tonight, which featured our all-time fave, The Avett Brothers. (You can imagine the looks of confusion we got from the students.) Knox was M.E.S.M.E.R.I.Z.E.D. He kept wanting me to move closer as I was moving more towards the back because it was SO LOUD. I am getting old. I found myself in a conversation with the Avetts' dad, who loved seeing Knox sing along to the songs...he said it brought back fond memories. We are hoping the boys are musically inclined.

Emmy and Travstar....our favorite people with whom to hang out.

After a full day at the zoo

This is after his regular nap. He woke up, came out to the den, and sacked back out. I love LOVE to watch them sleep.

End of an era

1994-2008. For anyone who has lived with me for any amount of time, you will recognize my all-time F.A.V.E. t-shirt to sleep in. I can't believe it made it this long, actually. I have retired my jersey. (And yes, I know it's queer that I have slept in a XO shirt all these years. Whatever. It was really soft and comfortable.)

A day in the life...

And this, my friends, is a pretty typical afternoon for us. Who knew a bucket of water could provide so much fun? It was really chilly outside, but they didn't seem to care.